Punch Projects

Punch Gallery was founded in March 2006 by a group of artists eager to participate in the dynamic cultural exchange resulting from the emergence of other artist-run galleries in Seattle. Seeking to exhibit work that was honest, thoughtful, vocal, fearless, and fresh, and applauding individual expression, the gallery’s primary mission was to provide support and encouragement for artists to create and exhibit their work in an atmosphere free from the constraints of commercialism. Committed to excellence on every level, Punch Gallery promoted the visual arts as a necessary, valid, and worthwhile contribution to Seattle’s cultural growth.

In July 2016, after calling Pioneer Square and the Tashiro Kaplin building home for ten years, Punch transitioned to a project-based collective, consisting of four of the five founding members, and turned its focus to underrepresented communities in rural areas. Punch Projects seeks to support the cultural vibrancy of rural art scenes by spurring creative awareness, cross-cultural engagement, and economic vitality.

Punch Projects operates under the guidance of a five-member board of directors.

Board of Directors

Justin Beckman – President
Howard Barlow – VP Operations
Justin Gibbens – VP PR/Marketing
Renee Adams – Treasurer
Joanna Thomas – Emeritus

Punch Gallery
PO Box 555
Ellensburg, WA 98926