Howard Barlow

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In my current work, utilizing institutional powder-coat colors, gun-barrel patina finishes, recycled bullet-lead solder, reconstructed broken window panes, wool yarn, abused steel, and actions such as knitting, hacking, shooting, shattering, and leading glass, I explore the symbiotic relationships of danger and safety, vulnerability and protection.   

This body of work includes Seven Pains Mended, a series of windowpanes broken out of my own home. By means of melting down spent bullet lead in combination with solder, each pane has been reconstructed and placed in a bullet-riddled steel frame. Other works, such as Big Guns Make Good Neighbors and Safe and Sound, consist of steel panels that have been shot and/or hacked by hatchet or splitting maul and linked together, lovingly, one to the next, with hand-knit limbs. Notions of an armed population creating stability and stereotypes of maternal versus paternal protective instincts are explored in these works.

– Howard Barlow